The ADI survey on Doctoral Studies in Italy is now available in English!

Dear Colleague,

if you are attending a doctoral course in Italy, you may wish to take a few minutes to tell us about the living conditions in which every day you conduct your research, training and teaching.

In recent years regulatory policies have profoundly changed the organization of Italian Ph.D., and we believe it is extremely important to know the ways in which these changes are reflected on the daily experience of thousands of young researchers.

For this reason, we kindly ask you to participate in the ADI survey on Doctoral Studies, answering a series of questions on the main aspects that characterize your PhD path. The questionnaire is divided into the following thematic sections:

  1. General information
  2. Support to income and research
  3. Incompatibility between PhD course and work, and income caps
  4. Representation
  5. Education and training
  6. Teaching
  7. Yearly course enrolment, extension and interruption
  8. Access to facilities and services
  9. European Charter for Researchers
  10. PhD courses offered by university consortia
  11. Miscellanea

To get started, just click here. [UPDATE: THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED]

The questions are for the most part closed-ended and are designed for rapid filling.

Just a bit of your time – the filling takes between 12 and 18 minutes - to make a valuable contribution to the understanding of how the Italian PhD has actually changed in the last years.

As always, you will be promptly informed on the findings and about the policy proposals that we will develop from these findings.